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Bellinger Saracione Fishing

Bellinger Saracione - Reel Classics By Bellinger Saracione Fly Reel Craftsmen

Bellinger Saracione reels are auction-magnets, pulling in the crowds and some mighty big bucks. This fishing tackle partnership with Joe Saracione was one of those unique once-in-a-lifetime happenings that has taken on legendary proportions in the angling world. The nickel silver Bellinger Saracione fly reel is a highly sought after piece of fishing tackle, and you need lots of bait to get one of these to consider a nibble...

The Bellinger reel seats are the magic behind this brandname's frequent appearance on the wish-lists of anglers the world over. Top-class wood spacers and precision fit hardware have given Bellinger fly reel seats a status among anglers that comes close to awe. Components such as German nickel silver pillars and sidebands, aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel spools, and Delrin sideplates have brought this company, and the Bellinger Saracione reel marriage, world-wide acclaim. Down to the last stainless steel screw, Bellinger Saracione reels, Bellinger reel seats, and other Bellinger products have built a reputation without equal in the angling community.

Apart from the coveted Bellinger Saracione fly reel, Bellinger reels also offer the Mark I trout reels which are available in three diameters and in two widths on the largest diameter size. These reels are machined from aluminum bar stock and have aluminum side plates.

For the Bellinger Mark I fly reel, featuring a non-adjustable click and pawl drag, only the finest aircraft grade aluminum is good enough. These reels are factory set for RH and LH retrieve. The Bellinger reels come with a lifetime warranty. When ordering one of these, you need to specify whether you prefer a perforated front side plate and spool, as well as left or right hand wind. Four sizes allow you to pick and choose.

Bellinger Saracione fly reels and other Bellinger reels are serial numbered. Beautiful, coordinating protective walnut boxes represent an enviable resting place for reels not in use. Bellinger reels can also be ordered in a custom-fitted Arne Mason hard case.

The Bellinger Saracione 2.75" Mark I reel and the Bellinger Mark I were almost identical twins. The Bellinger Saracione was designed by Joe Saracione before his retirement, and he also provided the fishing reel parts. The same goes for the 3.0" Bellinger Saracione reel.

The Nickel Silver Bellinger reels featured wooden amboyna side plates and exquisite polymer imitations of ivory, hard rubber, or tortoise shell. When these were discontinued, they were replaced by a Classic line of Bellinger fly reels. Polished aluminum replaced the nickel silver.

Some of the treasured Saracione Bellinger reels for sale are in mint condition. They feature black Delrin plates, s-shaped handles, and still have their trademark velvet bag and box. The Bellinger Saracione has inner components very similar to the Deluxe reel, the Salmo Deluxe reel and the Deluxe II reels. With Saracione fly reels needed and desired by anglers all over the world, prices at auctions can be on the steep side. The day Joe Saracione announced his retirement, Saracione reels became a collector's item. You may just have to include these when you make your boat insurance arrangements!

Other ranges are keen to challenge the Bellinger Saracione. These include the Sephia Shimano fishing reels with genuine Shimano reel parts, the Daiwa Tierra, Daiwa Emeraldas, the Tica Taurus fishing reels, and the Classic Shimano Speedmaster fishing reel. Not far behind are the Shimano Speedmaster CustomX 4000S, the Clarus Shimano, the Shimano Torsa fishing reel, the well-known Shimano Stradic fh, Abel fly reels, and the Lews fishing reel. Daiwa reel parts are known for their durability.

Whether you enjoy a Canada fishing vacation, or revel in Alaska Salmon fishing trips, treasure your find if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a mint condition Bellinger Saracione fly reel.

Wholesale Fishing Flies - Wholesale flies, including nymphs,dry, wet, bass, salmon and salt water patterns.

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